Photography Workshop: Modern Trends & Techniques

We click hundreds of images everyday through our smartphones or digital cameras. Very few of us make full use of the true potential of our cameras. This is a workshop aimed at beginners who want to take control of their camera to click beautiful photos in any situation. Join now to experience the magic of Photography.

22nd & 23rd July, 9 am to 1:30 pm Hindi, English Age 12 & above Physical - Warje, Pune
Photography Workshop: Modern Trends & Techniques

This course includes:

  • 22nd & 23rd July, 9 am to 1:30 pm
  • Hindi, English Language
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Age 12 & above

Why this Course:

Joining a photography workshop can be an enriching and rewarding experience for both beginners and experienced photographers. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should be joining this photography workshop:

Learn from Experts: This workshop is led by experienced and knowledgeable professional Mr. Jitesh Patil who have honed their craft over last 20 years. They can provide valuable insights, techniques, and tips that are not easily found in books or online tutorials. Learning from experts allows participants to gain a deeper understanding of photography principles, technical skills, composition, lighting, and post-processing techniques.

Hands-On Experience: Photography workshops  provide practical, hands-on learning opportunities. Participants can apply the concepts and techniques they learn in real-world scenarios, such as on-location shoots or studio setups. This practical experience allows for immediate feedback and improvement, helping participants refine their skills and build confidence in their abilities.

Expand Creativity and Vision: Engaging in a workshop environment encourages participants to push their creative boundaries and think outside the box. Through group discussions, assignments, and critiques, individuals can explore new perspectives, experiment with different genres, and develop their unique artistic style.  

Networking and Community Building: Photography workshops bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for photography. These workshops provide an excellent opportunity to network, connect, and collaborate with fellow photographers. Building relationships within the photography community can lead to future collaborations, mentorships, and support networks that can be invaluable for career growth.

Feedback and Critique: One of the most valuable aspects of photography workshops is the constructive feedback and critique sessions provided by our instructors. Getting feedback on your work from knowledgeable individuals helps identify areas for improvement, highlights strengths, and encourages growth..  

Inspiration and Motivation: Attending a photography workshop can reignite passion and motivation for photography. The immersive learning environment, exposure to different styles and approaches can reignite creativity and provide fresh perspectives.  





About Jitesh Patil Sir:

Jitesh Patil

He is the man with the vision of making multimedia education mainstream and affordable to masses which resulted into foundation of Pixelschool (formerly The Lightstyle Institute of Photography) in the year 2010. He started his journey in field of mass media as a commercial photographer in year 2003 from the historical city of Aurangabad. After setting up the foundation of his artistic career for a few year he decided to expand his horizon and shifted to cultural and educational hub of India, Pune in the year 2010.

In a career spanning over 18 years, he has explored various genre of photography expertly prominent being Fashion Photography, Advertising Photography and Event Photography. He has worked with various esteemed Publications such as Time of India, Femina, Sakal Media & Newspapers, Divya Marathi and many more.

He has also been a Jury and Mentor at the prestigious beauty pageant Mr. and Ms. University for consecutive eight years since year 2013. He was also the Jury and official fashion photographer at Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra 2020. He has mentored and clicked over 500 professional models till date most of which have become successful in the glamour and film industry.

Jitesh have been teaching photography at various prestigious educational institutions such as Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture, Pune and MKSSS' School of Fashion Technology, Pune.

At Pixelschool, Jitesh has been serving as principal faculty since it's foundation. He has trained over 500 aspiring photographers in last 10 years. He believes than training youth with employable skillset is the biggest need of 21st century India.

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