Student's Portfolio Gallery

Fashion Photography

Becoming a fashion photographer is dream of most of the aspiring photographers. Itis important to have in-depth knowledge of fashion portraits, studio lighting, using ambient light, good composition etc. along with this knowledge of makeup, hairstyle, fashion trends and very effective communication skill is must have for a good fashion photographer. Our Diploma in Commercial Photography covers all of these skills in details. Here are some of the best photos from our students.

Wedding Photography

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life. Capturing these moments in most beautiful way possible is duty of a professional wedding photographer. It's about being aware of each joyous moment and preserving it forever for your client makes you an important person of the whole ceremony. We make sure that our of students of Diploma in Commercial Photography hone the craft of wedding photography in detail while learning on live events. Have a look at some of such beautiful moments.

Kids Photography

Capturing the innocence and mischievous expressions of kids is one of the most rewarding and at the same time a very difficult task. It takes patience, ability to capture the right moment and to work according to the mood of the child to create some amazing photos. Kids and infants photography is one of most growing field in professional photography. Our students of Photography diploma course in Pune have captured some of such precious expressions on the face of little angels. Have a look if you don't believe.

Landscapes/Travel Photography

Wanderlust and photography go hand-in-hand. Most of the photographers start their journey of photography through actual travel. Clicking the beauty of the nature is a stress-buster and soothing activity. It is essential to understand to learn the basics of photography well before we start exploring this genre of photography. As for wildlife photography, it's extremely important to be technically strong in photography as it's a game of luck to see and capture the beauty of birds and other wildlife.

Wildlife/Birds Photography

Nature is full of wonders, colors and beauty. To capture this beauty with a camera, one must be well- versed with the technicalities of the photography and the ways of the nature. A good Wildlife/Birds photographer must understand the habits and habitat of different animals, birds and reptiles. He/She must understand the relation between weather and the nature to get the best photographs of this wonderful mother earth.

Fashion Event Photography

Fashion events unlike regular events need special understanding of lighting, fashion choreography and capturing the beauty of the models as well as their attire. At Pixelschool, we give our students to be a part of the most prestigious fashion events in the country. This not only ensure them the insight of the glamour industry but makes them confident in handling such assignments on their own. They also understand the importance of working as a team and getting the best results at every click. see for yourself the models in their full glory.

Food Photography

Clicking mouth watering photographs of food is a very special art. It's very difficult to show the food in the photos desirable creating craving in the viewers. Pixelschool makes sure to train our students in art of culinary photography with ample practical sessions and guidance from the Industry Experts. We make sure that they become proficient at creating extraordinary food photographs for their clients in the future.

Pre Wedding Photography

This is the a new way of increasing love and bringing closer in the wedding couple. People want to make their bonds stronger and permanent through a beautiful pre-wedding photo shoot. As a professional photographer, one must have the skill to make people comfortable and show them in most loving way possible. At Pixelschool, we make sure our students gain this skill through practice amd guidance of our expert faculty making us the best photography and media school in Pune and India.